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  1. J

    Solved! I have a micro sandisk SDHC card and i've looked on how to back it up where people say to plug it into my computer however my

    I have been trying to backup what I have on this micro SD card since it is very important to me, but the ways that people have suggested such as copying it onto my computer just leads to another problem my computer then asks me to format it, and i'm afraid I don't have the phone it was...
  2. L

    FORMAT SD card

    Sd card won't format but it supports SDHC AND SDXC
  3. J

    .exe files were corrupted after eject Sd Card

    I bought a MicroSDHC Card (8 GB) a few days ago. I opened it and I saw a folder of many songs. It was not corrupted at that time. I transferred an .exe setup file into the SD Card and the download speed is 4 MB/s. I eject the device with SD Card. And after a few moments, when I plugged the...
  4. T

    I can't upload pictures from my chromebook to my SDHC card. Am I doing something wrong? Please Help!!!

    I can't upload pictures from my Chromebook to my SDHC card. Am I doing something wrong? Please Help!!!
  5. I

    sdhc card not playing video

    I have a new San Disk Ultra Plus SDHC UHS-1 32GB memory card that loads and plays video and audio on my sony camcorder and desktop computer. it only loads and plays audio, on my new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. I don't know why. I checked it again on camcorder and desktop. it works great. Maybe a...
  6. O

    SanDisk SDXC card failure rate

    Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever had a Sandisk 10 class SDXC card fail on them and if so how often do they fail? I'm asking because I use them to film in my canon cameras and someone advised me filming to two cards simultaneously to backup my recording in case a card fails but...
  7. K

    Have a 16GB sdhc card in a Nikon Coolpix L340 and I can't view the photos on my computer?

  8. W

    Solved! Asus not finding files on sdhc using usb card reader

    Hi I have an asus t100 with windows 8 and when trying to view photos and files on memory card using a USB card reader I can't find/it's saying no files to view. The files are definitely on the card as they have been able to upload to a Mac laptop. Any ideas?? Much appreciated
  9. S

    Problem with sdhc card

    I have a Samsung galaxy ace and it's not detecting my sdhc card? It just say
  10. N

    Not able to see pics from SDHC card/

    I have been using an Outback camera to film wildlife, viewing the resulting pictures/videos on my PC, but lately theypics wont download and a pop-up box with the messageClass not registered appears. Has anyone got any ideas/views as to why this should suddenly happen and how can I change it ...
  11. G

    MICRO SDHC on android phone

    how do i move everything off of my phones internal storage onto my new microsdhc card. my phone is an android z753g. please help me
  12. D

    Sdhc card not working

    I put my sdhc memory card in my coolpix b500 and it says this card will not work. Why?
  13. M

    Help me find my photos in my SD card please! I need to save them!

    I have the same issue! I have an SDHC memory card and my camera is a GENX TouchShotPro HD. Checked the settings, there were no settings about the SD card but to format it. I can't delete the photos! They're important to me! I can only see the photos in the camera when the SD card is plugged but...
  14. Mordor Assassin

    Recommended MicroSD Card for Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen?

    The Motorola Moto E forums site says it can use a MicroSD card up to 32 GB. It also says a UHS-I card will work, but the Moto E will not support UHS-I speeds. I plan on using the card to store more games. Which card should I get?
  15. S

    Micros sdhc wont connect to my cx330

    I have a sony cx330 and i got a new sandisk 8gb microsdhc for it and every time i put it in it says reinsert memory, verifying the positioning of the memory. i even tried it on other devices and it didn't read. i don't want to send it back just yet so any have any idea what's wrong, all open to...
  16. M

    SDHC card not unloading pics on my laptop

    When trying to take photos off my SDHC card my laptop shows a blue box beside file and I can't get the pics to put in an album. Card works in camera and I can set up an USB cable from camera to laptop and pull pics off. What do you think may be the problem? How can I fix it? The SD card seems...
  17. M

    Which SDHC to buy for L30 compact digital camera?

    Hello everyone. Today I bought Nikon Coolpix L30 CDC - ( I put my old SD class 2, 2GB card and notices it is kind of old and slow. After bit of research, I found out that I need to get at least...
  18. C

    new 3ds xl sdhc card help

    i upgraded to the new 3ds xl from my old 3ds xl, the new 3ds comes with a micro sd card not like the 32gb sdhc card i bought for the old system. Is there some reader i can buy that will plug into my computers usb port that will read the data on my old sd card, so i can then transfer that data...
  19. E

    SDHC saying no known file system

    Hi, I have an SDHC card with some photos on which are not backed up. When I try to explore the files on the card windows says that it needs to format the card ( I click no), it goes on to say that the card does not contain a recognised filesystem. I've been trying different recovery software...
  20. C

    I been trying to film videos with my DCR-SX85 using my SDHC Class 10 32 GB card, but none of those videos show up on my pc whe

    Basically I film with the card in my camera, I take the card out, put in my pc, & nothing. I even tried it on my father's pc, but it didn't work there either.
  21. S

    Camera not reading SDHC

    My memory card is reading in pc but my camera was showing to format it I formatted more times in camera but it was not reading Can you help me?
  22. P

    Samsung Galaxy Trend (S7560) Micro SD problem

    I have bought a 8GB Micro SDHC card, wanted to move games to that card, so i downloaded "AppMgr III" and other same thing doing programs, but none of them recognised my microsd card, so i cant transfer any files there with those programs.. The card is made by samsung, i already put my music...
  23. M

    SDHC card on tv

    My tv can show me thumbnails of photos on my SDHC card, but can't "access" the files.
  24. digidoc664

    SDHC Card not listed in MS Explorer Library

    SDHC device listed in Devices & Printers and is working corrected, has an assigned drive letter, no problem in Device manager but will not display in the Library of MS Explorer for access to its files on a HP Pavilion g7 Win7 64 OS.
  25. C

    My twinmos sdhc 16gb class 10 the lock button is out what can I do to unlock it

    What can I connect on the panel to make it work
  26. C

    Bent SDHC Card. Plastic casing cracked, inside chip fine. Looking to recover photos

    Hello, I was borrowing my friends sdhc card and my lap top fell and cracked my panasonic sdhc 8gb card. The inside chip looks perfectly fine but i am unable to get it to read at all on my computer. I am not worried about replacing the card. I would just really like to recover his photos from...
  27. A

    Upload photos via iPhone from SD card

    I'm planning to buy a Canon PowerShot SX280 HS with an SDHC memory card. If I connect a 30-pin card reader to my iPhone 4, would I be able to upload the photos from the card onto the phone and then upload to an image host such as Flickr (presumably one that has an app with an upload function)?
  28. N

    Having a problem with my micro sdhc card on phone

    I had bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand on June of last year and it also came with a micro sdhc card 32gb. The card was okay until 3/4 weeks ago when suddenly I can't delete or move any files into it. I had searched for a solution but it won't help. And my micro sdhc is the one that is small and...
  29. K

    29 minutes of recording on 32gb sdhc

    hi i recently bought a nikon p520 that can record in 1080p and a 32 gb transcend sdhc memory that supposedly said that it had about 480 minutes of recording time, but when i insert it to my nikon it only gives me 29 minutes could somebody please help me
  30. M

    Can't get photos from SDHC card

    I have a Canon SX40 and have had no problems until now. While on holiday the SDHC card ran out of memory and I inserted another. On my return I connected the camera to my computer, Camera Window opened and I transferred all my photos from the second card. However, when I put in the first card I...
  31. J

    I transferred pics from sdhc card to this computer, but I can't find the pics. Where are the pics?

    Where did the pics get transferred to and why can't I find or see them?
  32. D

    Micro SD card for HTC One SV

    Hi, can I use a class 10 micro SDHC card in my HTC One SV? Will the Class 10 SanDisk 32GB Mobile Ultra microSDHC Memory Card work? Is there somewhere I can get more info on this? HTC website isn't particularly helpful. Someone told me to use a class 2 card. Is that really the only card that will...
  33. M

    SD card reader not responding

    Hi! I have an Acer Aspire 7551-3650 laptop, and just in the last few days it has stopped recognizing an SDHC card when it is inserted in the SD slot. I went to the Acer website and downloaded the latest card reader, but that did not help. I would have thought it was a problem with this model not...
  34. J

    How can I recover photos from my SDHC card if It has a virus.

    Hi. I am currently travelling and had to use an Internet cafe to upload some pictures to Facebook as my ipad2 is at capacity. It appears that I have gotten some kind of virus from the machine I used! I put the card in my camera afterwards and it said memory card error and now I can't access any...
  35. S

    Need help with Flash Memory

    Sup! so I need to buy new flash memory for the camera that supports " SD / SDHC / SDXC Card" witch card should I buy ? I was thinking about this one but its mini is its ok or not ? had 5 stars.. or something like this ? but alot...
  36. K

    How to see images from sd card

    Hello, hi i have casio x slim camera in this camera iam using sdhc memory card manufacturer by lexus i try to copy some photo to upload on my mail , bu t its shows 0 photos if i go to my cumputer and open my sdhc card it shows memory full if i click open photos its shows nothing ,so please...
  37. S

    Acer AOA 110 SDHC Type ?

    Does anyone know what class of SDHC is supported by the AOA 110 model notebooks ? (Type 1-10) Also, is SDXC supported ? Again, what class if it is supported . I have the AOA 110 Specifications infront of me and although SDHC or SDXC is not listed, I read an article in which SDHC was used and...
  38. S

    Why wont my brand new 650d camera detect my brand new sdhc uhs-1 card

    I have just purchased this brand new camera & brand new sd card, camera advising can not access sd card, live in the country so getting to support will be a couple of weeks away, does anyone have any suggestions, the write protect is in the off possition.
  39. S

    Why wont my brand new 650d camera detect my brand new sdhc uhs-1 card

    I have just purchased this brand new camera & brand new sd card, camera advising can not access sd card, live in the country so getting to support will be a couple of weeks away, does anyone have any suggestions, the write protect is in the off possition.
  40. L

    How much HD video can i take with a 32 sd memory card

    Hello, How much video can I record on a 32 GB SDHC card. I have a Sony HD Camcorder
  41. B

    SDHC card recover MP4 video

    One corrupt MP4 file on a SDHC card other MP4 video clips play just fine - downloaded from camcorder via USB connection. The camcorder lost power and shut down abruptly while capturing the (ostensibly) corrupt file. Is it possible to recover / repair this MP4 video file? Any recovery freeware...
  42. T

    Panasonic lumix dmc-fz20eg micro sdhc carderror

    Got a Panasonic DMC-FZ20EG camera from my brother. Trying to replace the 2GB microSD card with a 16GB microSDHC card. Turned camera back on. Display shows me "memory card error". Is there any way to fix this? Oli
  43. B


    Hello, My daughter erased photos from the memory card in my camera. I have them on my hard drive. How can I transfer the photos back to the SD from my hard drive?
  44. B

    Formatting new SDcard

    Hello,I have a C530 camera and am trying to use a new SDHC (4GB) card. When I get to the formatting, the camera shows 'formatting' then it says "filesys error e00100". What does that mean and what do I do to complete the formatting?
  45. G

    Why do i receive a card error from my new sdhc memory card??

    i just bought a new sdhc 4gb memory card. My camera is fujifilm finepix f47 fd. I have insert the card in it and im getting an error message saying "card error"why is that??
  46. C

    Unlocking an sdhc disc

    Hello,if the lock on my sdhc camera disc is missing how do i unlock it
  47. W

    Sdhc cards

    i have a sdhc card and the lock switch has broken of so now i cant use it to take photos with can still down load the piks that is card but wont let me use it for taking photos
  48. O

    Solved! Sdhc card 32gb

    Hello, i have a new sdhc card and windows will not format it...HELP PLZ
  49. E

    SDHC memory card error

    Hello, I have a digital cam with a 4MB SDHC card. They are a few month old and have been working fine taking multiple pictures, downloading to the PC, etc. Few days ago, while using the cam, a message showed "memory card error" and the cam stop working. I have tried to use a data recovery...
  50. L

    Sdhc card locked up while viewing pictures

    Hello, My 2 month old (Kingston) 8gb SDHC locked up while viewing pics on my camera (Canon SX30 IS). Now my PC doesn't acknowledge the card at all and my camera shows 'card error, card locked'. Tab on card is in 'unlocked' position. Any chance I can recover the photos.vids?
  51. M

    SDHC card for Pentax k-x?

    Hi reader I'm pretty new to DSLRs. What is a good SDHC brand for the Pentax k-x? I'm looking for more space course I want to use RAW+JPEG. So I'm thinking a 16GB card would be nice. Thanks in advance :)
  52. clyde12334

    SDHC vs SD card

    The difference between SDHC and the SD memory cards?
  53. Q

    Top SDHC class 6 card

    I need a 8 GB SDHC class 6 memory card for canon Sx210 IS camera. Please suggest a best performer card in this category. Thanks
  54. D

    Are these two Sandisk SDHC's equivalent?

    I ordered the Sandisk 8GB EXTREME III SDHC SD Card Class 6 (SDSDX3-8192): amazon link #1 The merchant accidentally sent the SanDisk 8GB Extreme HD Video - SDHC Class 6 High Performance memory card (SDSDRX3-8192-P21) instead: amazon link #2 Should I bother sending this one back and getting...
  55. B

    Mp3 music

    How may I move music from a 2gb micro sdhc card(full) to an 8gb micro using w'media player?XP and an 8gb sansa fuze mp3
  56. T

    Solved! Sdhc

    what speed card would i need so as not to bottleneck a 12 megapizel camera
  57. D

    SD vs SDHC

    Hi everyone, I have one of the early JVC everio hard drive cameras; the GZ-MC200. it has a removable miniature hard drive of only 4GB. thank god it has a SD slot that can step in if the hard drive is full. I use it more for Video than for actual still pictures. the problem is that when i bought...