Solved! How can I repair my 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system

Oct 9, 2018
Hie, I have an audionic 2.1 Ch Multimedia Speaker System and have started experiencing problems with them. This is what happens, when I switch on and start to play music for example, the sound will be alright even from the satellite speakers but after a short while, like 20 to 30 mins, the satellite speakers start to lose sound in scratches, going silent, and the subwoofer will be the only one left giving out sound, from that moment onward the satellite speakers will give out, go silent and give out sound for very brief periods and then quiet again, it goes on like that, on and on. I need to understand what might be the problem, anyone who have an idea guys, I need some help to fix this
First test the speakers with a different source just to be 100% sure they are the problem.
Most likely the amplifier in the speakers is overheating or has another problem. Fixing it isn't economically worthwhile. Made to be replaced not repaired.