How can you run a wireless ts instrument cable into an a-v receiver?


Jan 27, 2010
hi, i need some help!

a small restaurant would like me to try playing thru their a-v receiver and distributed speakers for background music-nylon classical guitar. i have a takamine electric and a wireless system but have found that it doesn't work using a ts-rca connector running from the wireless receiver's unbalanced 1/4"ts and going into their a-v receiver ....unless i run it thru my acoustic amp first, when the effects 'send' loop seems to do the trick (but not the 'line out'. unfortunately i can't use that amp in that location to get the job done. does this mean i need some sort of preamp in line to do the same thing? i.e.does the signal need to be boosted? and if so, is there something small, simple and not too pricey that will do it? and if that's not the issue, what is? thanks, and sorry for the long post.
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