Question How Do I Get Audio For My PS4 Slim?

Jan 24, 2020
I'm trying to get audio set up for my PS4 Slim that I bought on Black Friday. My computer and PS4 share a monitor right now. My monitor does not have an audio jack and I have external Logitech speakers plugged into the back of the PC. As of right now, every time I want to play my PS4, I have to unplug the speakers from the back of my PC and plug them into the controller's headphone port. It's rather annoying since I switch back and forth between PC/PS4 often. Is there something I can do to fix this so I'm not unplugging things constantly?
Which Logitech speakers are you using? Some do have two AUX inputs

You could use the PC´s line in (usually blue), but the PC would have to be on while gaming on the PS4

or something like this,electronics,182&sr=1-14

Which monitor do you use?

Eventually get a speakers which support two sources
Jan 24, 2020
My speakers are the cheap S120 ones

My monitor is this:

I just bought my monitor a little over a year ago so I'm not too keen on getting a new one just yet. The products in the links you posted I think will suffice until then.

Thank you for your assistance!

Edit: You were talking new speakers, I don't know why I was thinking new monitor.
Edit 2: I know nobody cares but I used tinyurl for my links from Amazon because when I originally wrote this, I did it on my phone and when I copied my links they were super long.

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