how do I hook the wii up to our Samsung smart tv when Wii has white, yellow and red cable but tv only has 2 holes which are ye


Jan 22, 2018
We want to connect our Wii console to our Samsung Smart TV but our tv only has 2 holes (blue and yellow) and our Wii has the red, white and red cables. How do we connect Wii to Samsung Smart tv? Thanks Cindi
Mar 4, 2018

I was wondering the same thing! My Samsung 43” Curve model code is UN43KU7500FXZA.
I tried using the plug that came with the TV, it has the RCA color coded female plugs that go down to one male yellow plug,
where it’s marked AV IN on the back of the TV to hook up our DVD player. There was video, but absolutely no sound out, at all. I’m assuming it would be the same with the Wii.
What do I need to hook up the Wii, which has the same RCA plugs as the DVD player, to my Samsung Curve?