How do i properly update Nvidia drivers on Asus laptop?


Dec 17, 2013
Hello guys. I need help here ASAP!

Everytime i try to update Nvidia on my Asus laptop, i always get the "Nvidia Installer Failed" error.. I've been searching for hours but nothing worked..

Heres what i tried:
1)Turning off anti-virus
2)Update it, let it fail & manually update it through device manager (I always get "Access is denied" message)
3)Used DDU to uninstall both Nvidia & Intel drivers (Note: This f**ked up my laptop real bad! thankfully i had a system restore point)
4)Did sfc /scannow command on CMD

Still non of them worked.. why is it hard to update an Nvidia driver?? can you guys tell me what else should i do to fix it??