How do I replace the Hard Drive on an Acer E5-532-P4YC with an SSD for Windows and use that Hard Drive for Storage?


Dec 26, 2014
This laptop is rather slow (no big surprise really but I thought it would be better than it is). The Samsung 850 EVO should work in it and have had great success with that SSD in my Desktop PC. The biggest hitch with the Acer is that there aren't any dedicated access panels on the underside to even replace the *battery* if needed, never mind RAM, Drive, Video, etc. - so I would need to remove the entire bottom to get at its innards. I'm also having trouble finding info on this model to see if it even has an additional HDD bay; it comes with a 1,000 GB HDD, so what I would like to do is make the SSD the OS drive and use the HDD for storage. Any help available would be appreciated, since nobody wants to spend money on a dead-end upgrade job.


Jun 21, 2016
it does exist, i use e5-475g, and it should be the same, i already checked about the info on the internet, it is some kind of separated cover right under the touchpad, you could access hdd, ram, m.2 slot there. it only has 1 2.5 sata hdd slot, the other part can be accessed by removing all the bottom cover, but it shouldn't be hard. the only option to use ssd on acer e5 laptop is replacing the 2.5 original hdd to ssd or adding a m.2 ssd