How long will my laptop last while playing games @ ~80 - 85C


Nov 8, 2013
I have had my laptop for about 2 years already and I always tried to keep the temperature in the 70s max. I had only cared because I wanted the laptop to last. I usually play games without turbo boost in order to keep it under 80. When I turn on turbo boost and play a CPU intensive game such as BFBC2, the temps go as high as 91C. I don't play very intensive games such as Battlefield or Crysis but I play decently graphical games such as call of duty, Skyrim, and Chivalry Medieval Warfare. During those games the temperature with turbo on is usually around 85C max. My GPU usually never goes above 80C.

So if I were to keep turbo boost on all the time and play all my games with turbo boost on, how much longer would my laptop last before it would stop working from being fried, degradation, etc.?

My Specs:
i7 2630qm @ 2GHz, 2.6GHz turbo
HD 6770m
Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. I too play games on my Lenovo Y470 with Turbo Boost disabled. Or I should say "played" games.

It seems the nVidia GT 550m has more or less "died". When the nVidia drivers are installed and the GT 550m is enabled, laptop generally BSOD between immediately logging in to within 1 hour of not even doing anything; just leaving the laptop on. I don't recall the GPU temps going above 70c.

Good thing I paid for an extended warranty 'cause I need to send it in for service once I remove all personal files from the laptop.