How to change email account- easiest way.


Sep 18, 2015
Sorry if this thread is in the wrong catagory. I didn't know where else to post this.
I'm using email btw.

Basically I have been getting lots of innapropriate emails in my junk account and in have tried blocking the domains/email addresses of some of them, but each one has a different domain or address so loads still end up coming through. I'm guessing domains are @*******.com but correct me if I'm wrong.

So yeah each day I get about 30-40 junk mails asking me innapropriate and explicit stuff and basically all the stuff im not intersted in and basically I'm tired of deleting them only for more to be there immediately after I delete them....its like they know that I've deleted them so more immediately appear. Its weird haha. I've also tried blocking emails with certain keywords but that doesn't block most either.
And before anyone says, it's not junk that I may have once subscribed to or anything that I can unsubscribe. Its basically loads of links in the emails that probably loaded with malware/viruses. Ive not checked the links, but I'm assuming.

So anyway I've resorted to deleting this email address/account that I have and creating another email address.

Question is, what's the easiest way of going about this, in regards to moving all my contacts and fowarding emails to my new account etc.
Or isn't there an easy way and should I just go about it manually.

And before anyone says that just delete the junk and bla bla bla go about using the same email, pls I can't take no more of that rubbish. I just want a fresh new clean email account.



Hello... I have created additional New account names under the main one... I can have 5 sub accounts under the one main account... and have one for money, personal, business, fun... this way you can tell what companies, people, businesses are leaking your New account when spam starts to pile up in one of those. B D


Hello... Refuse to give out a Email address when asked too... Your personal information makes $$$ for people... Any time you apply for discounts or "specials" with a Email address, you have just given them permission to use this information, store it, and have fellow employee's see them... it is not a LAW to provide this information B /

And Yes don't open any suspect emails... there are some really good SPY viruses out there in the hands of the FBI, CIA, and Public.