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  1. N

    Solved! Backup entire Office 365 domain

    My company is looking for a backup solution to back up our entire Office 365, including emails, SharePoint online site collection, and users OneDrive data. Checked some brands like Veeam, Upsafe, Cloudbacko, Systools, MailsDaddy. Not sure which one is good. Any suggestion?
  2. R

    Moving Windows Home Server 2011 to a new domain

    Hi Guys, I have WHS 2011 on domain I would like to move it to a which I already own but am not using. Could some kind soul explain how this should be done? Thanks in advance.
  3. V

    Copy past issue in domain account

    Iam not able to do copy paste in domain account if I connect my laptop with lan. But in local account it's working
  4. I

    I'm locked out

    My cell # and email are different now lost password for my godaddy acct and yahoo. Have domain names from GoDaddy with matching email addresses ex: *** *** Was recovering from major surgery's I called GoDaddy C.S. was no help. Suggestions...?
  5. A

    Cant receive emails on gmail account

    I have a private domain account I have tried to send myself an email from another account but i get a popup message from Mail Delivery subsystem saying- The response was: 550 5.7.1 an email - gcdp q124sor2074283itc.116 - gsmtp Final-Recipient: rfc822; an email Action: failed...
  6. hira__

    How to change email account- easiest way.

    Hi Sorry if this thread is in the wrong catagory. I didn't know where else to post this. I'm using email btw. Basically I have been getting lots of innapropriate emails in my junk account and in have tried blocking the domains/email addresses of some of them, but each one has a...
  7. G

    Win7 password reset using Win10?

    My laptop was a work laptop which is not used now. It is in a domain and I don't know the admin password. I dual booted Win10 and Win7 and it was working fine until yesterday. After getting to the 'Choose Your OS' of Win10 and after selecting Win7. 7 boots up and when i login it says Service...
  8. Jared_31

    Graduated School, Need help deleting domain software

    So I went to a private school that gave us all laptops. We were all on their domain and had the Avast Endpoint protection, now that i am graduated and my subscription will not be renewed how do i uninstall this?? It asks for a admin password and I dont want to have to reload it to do so.
  9. J

    IE 11, how do I block an entire domain.

    My autistic son keeps finding the same malware site using a thousand different addresses. But they all end in .xyz (dot xyz). I even installed spybot and spyware blaster - to no avail. He still keeps finding them. Using IEs restricted site list, I can block specific sites within the xyz...
  10. N

    How to find mobile owner domain

    I want details about a phone number owner if he has registered any domain it's possible?
  11. B

    Host a specific page in a domain on a different server

    I apologize in advance if this in the incorrect section of the forums. I thought this was the most appropriate place. Is there a way to host a specific website page (i.e. a microsite) under a domain, but host it separate from the main website? I want to build a microsite for a friend's...
  12. T

    Malwarebytes: Malicious Website Blocked

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting this issue. Malwarebytes keeps popping up with this notification. Information: Domain: kdv.decipheringwarns. com IP: Port: 54414 Type: Outbound Process: C:\Program Files (x86\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe I've scanned with Malwarebytes...
  13. M

    What is the deal with pl-pl or similar ?

    I was looking for someone and I clicked on a domain like that it opened facebook normally but it was a weird domain and I googled it and found many more like wp-pl, pl-pl etc. Is it a fake site with a virus or depending on a country? What should I do my antivirus didn't recognize...
  14. H

    "Could not find file of domains"

    Today I saw a laptop with the following problem. When using any browser to view certain pages, including the google homepage, the text "Could not find file of domains" was shown in the top left of the page, and in some cases (for example the gmail interface) it was in a few other page elements...
  15. X

    Is there a free email forward service I can use my own domain with?

    I've been looking but maybe I'm searching from the wrong terms, all I can come up with are email forwarding services that give you a free email address under there domain. Or perhaps such a service doesn't exist? My domain provider which also does hosting used to offer the service free with the...
  16. N

    cannot logon, check user name and domain are correct type password again

    can not logon to dell 6400, check user name and domain are correct type password again
  17. A

    How to view ost files in outlook?

    I need to view a mailbox (.ost file). I am running Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003. The users' domain account has been deleted and the mailbox on the Exchange server has been deleted. I have tried to recover the mailbox through Exchange without success. I have a cached copy of the .ost file in...
  18. B

    how to migrate godaddy mail to office365

    We are a small non profit with mail pointed to a GoDaddy domain. We want to export mailboxes and import to Office 365 domain then change records so all mail flows to Office 365 domain.
  19. nirrtix

    sent to odd link...

    I was trying to goto, when I got sent to an odd address... (WARNING MIGHT BE A VIRUS!!) EDIT - Moderator redacted it had the most obnoxious alarmish noise. and said that I was infected with trojan this and that. What was off was that while the site claimed to be owned by...
  20. B

    how to make my website live on my domain?

    hello i have coded a website on xampp local host , i have access to a domain how can i make it live on this domain ?
  21. TripleBullet

    Need A Second Domain To Take Users To Primary Domain

    I have domain A and B. My main domain is domain A. If users go to domain B instead of A I need it to take them to domain A instead. I haven't used HTML since high school so I don't remember anything really. I know there is a pretty simple code to redirect users (At least I think there is). Can't...
  22. T

    Email bouncing Back from servers

    Hi , i am from an ISP in Zimbabwe. My clients are failing to send email to your domain for an unclear reason. Here is the error message we are getting each time we send to you. 2014-12-08 09:40:22 1Xxsve-000LyN-7W <= [] P=esmtp...
  23. viveknayyar007

    How to Switch to the Local Domain Instead of

    By default, your Android device is set to use the local Google domain to conduct the searches. For example if you live in Russia, every time you perform a Google search, Google will look for the searched items in its local domain, Likewise, if your location is India, Google will...
  24. pepslight

    confused plugin active system

    Hello all I wish in advance a great day and a big thanks for taking your time to read me, I bought 1 active speakers M-Audio av40 ---> and after using for some hours I wasn't naturally happy with the bass and so I bought a German...
  25. FrankJaeger

    Why won't images display on my website?

    Here's my website: I made it in adobe's DW. Domain brought & hosted via godaddy. I can't seem to get the images to display. Can someone please tell me where I've gone wrong? Homepage: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Jed Trently Productions</title>...
  26. G

    Chrome says my program is malware!!??

    For some strange reason chrome and my antivirus think that my application is malware I dont even know what malware is! Please help me! I think it might have somthing to do with the fact that the installer creates a registry key for the rightclick option my program uses? (Root: HKCR; Subkey...
  27. L

    Forum hosting and domain

    Hi all! I have a gaming Youtube channel and me and my friend want to make a forum for ours subscribers, where they can ask questions about games or other discussions. I made a forum with forumotion but I didn't liked it. First I want to create a free forum, I don't want to invest money first...
  28. S

    translation can any one help

    hi please if any body can translate the main topic on as the topic on the main domain waiting thanks:bounce:
  29. G

    Website problems using tom's howto article

    Hi guys, A while ago now this site posted this article on how to set up a free website:,news-47019.html A few days later I decided to try it out. Well I got to the site after registering my .tk domain and when I tried to...
  30. AGx-07_162

    Domains and Unlocking PCs

    My workplace has been pretty heavy about users locking their PCs before stepping away, which is great, but I'm beginning to notice a problem: User's are unable to unlock them. To be more specific, I'm in the IT department for my company and we troubleshoot end-user PC issues. A few months ago...
  31. G

    Web app domain naming

    Hello, The company I work for is rebuilding a dos program into a web app and I was wondering what address they should assign to it so employees can access it. I was thinking: suggestions? Thanks
  32. P

    set up email for new domain

    I have purchased a domain from and i want to set up 5 id for the same , can some one suggest that who provide best email setup . I have looked for google but they are very expensive although checking mail through them is quite simple . also i have tried setting from godaddy , i have...
  33. imDCStar

    I want to create a free website.

    i know sites like or google sites that allow us to create a free website. but i want to know which one is best. requirements 1. good domain name 2. good features and performance
  34. S

    Internet Explorer default group policy

    I've been trying to find a way to force IE to be default web browser in a domain environment. This consists of windows xp and windows 7 x64 clients and windows server 2003 standard domain controllers currently. I have searched google, and found some "answers" but none of them seem to work when...
  35. G

    Microsoft Registers Domains for Halo 7, 8, 9 for the Future

    Does Microsoft have more Halos planned or is this just overenthusiastic domain registration? Microsoft Registers Domains for Halo 7, 8, 9 for the Future : Read more
  36. exfileme

    Report: More Than 7 Million Domains Added in 1Q12

    The internet is growing like a weed, only to be propelled by IPv6. Report: More Than 7 Million Domains Added in 1Q12 : Read more
  37. G

    Man Suing Google to Undo Google Trademark

    David Elliot stands to gain a lot of money and domains if he somehow manages to persuade the courts to nullify the Google trademark. Man Suing Google to Undo Google Trademark : Read more
  38. exfileme

    TPB: The Delusional Recording Industry Must Be Stopped

    The Pirate Bay switches domains. The RIAA basically calls them crooks. The Pirate Bay responds, saying they must be stopped. It's your Saturday afternoon dose of drama without the cheesy daytime actors. TPB: The Delusional Recording Industry Must Be Stopped : Read more
  39. exfileme

    Applications for ".yournamehere" Domains Open Today

    Companies can now apply for a domain name with an extension that matches their own brand or company name. Applications for ".yournamehere" Domains Open Today : Read more
  40. G

    GoDaddy Reconsiders, Decides to No Longer Support SOPA

    Following a wave of criticism for supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), domain registar and hoster GoDaddy announced that it is no longer support the bill it helped draft over the past few years. GoDaddy Reconsiders, Decides to No Longer Support SOPA : Read more
  41. G

    Support For SOPA Gets GoDaddy in Hot Water

    A recent statement by Registrar and domain hoster GoDaddy supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has resulted in quite a frenzy on news aggregation service Reddit today. Support For SOPA Gets GoDaddy in Hot Water : Read more
  42. Z

    Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail filter doesn't work

    Hi everyone, In my Junk E-mail filter options I added a domain (I added something like : but emails from this domain still show up in my inbox. Anyone knows how to fix this problem ?
  43. JMcEntegart

    New .XXX Domains Finally on General Sale

    Get your .XXX domain now. New .XXX Domains Finally on General Sale : Read more
  44. JMcEntegart

    Porn Giant Suing Over New .XXX Adult Domains

    Manwin Licensing isn't too eager to spend cash on acquiring all the necessary new domains. Porn Giant Suing Over New .XXX Adult Domains : Read more
  45. W

    Which folder to i put htaccess in?

    I am trying to create a redirect for my mail where I have multiple domains aliased to one domain on the exchange server...for example: some of my employees type in : to get to their email....and some type in to get to their email. I have...
  46. JMcEntegart

    India to Block All .XXX Adult Domains

    India has said it will restrict access to the just approved .xxx domain. India to Block All .XXX Adult Domains : Read more
  47. JMcEntegart

    Verizon Reportedly Buying iPhone Domain Names

    A new year, a new Verizon iPhone rumor. Verizon Reportedly Buying iPhone Domain Names : Read more
  48. chedderslam1976

    Solved! Business class laptop for $600

    Can anyone recommend a decent business class laptop for this budget? Need win 7 pro so I can connect to a domain.
  49. JMcEntegart FINALLY Sells; Goes for $13,000,000 has been up for grabs for a while. The auction was supposed to take place earlier this year but didn't. Now the domain has officially been sold, and if you had any doubt about the age-old adage 'sex sells,' this should clear things right up. FINALLY Sells; Goes for...
  50. JMcEntegart Up For Auction, Could Fetch $28,000,000

    The last sale didn't go as planned but owner Escom LLC is ready to auction off the valuable domain once again. Up For Auction, Could Fetch $28,000,000 : Read more
  51. exfileme

    Pornography Gets Its Own Top-Level Domain

    Now all of your favorite porn sites will be found under one domain--XXX! Pornography Gets Its Own Top-Level Domain : Read more
  52. exfileme

    Man Gets Speeding Ticket, Buys Police Website

    An anti-speed camera activist purchased the expired domain of the police department that issued his speeding ticket. Man Gets Speeding Ticket, Buys Police Website : Read more
  53. exfileme

    30,000 Free eBooks Available at iPad Launch

    Titles in the public domain will be integrated into Apple's iBookstore. 30,000 Free eBooks Available at iPad Launch : Read more
  54. JMcEntegart

    PETA Wants to Promote Vegan Viagra

    PETA is after the domain to promote "Veggie Viagra." PETA Wants to Promote Vegan Viagra : Read more
  55. JMcEntegart

    Fate of .xxx Porn Domain to Be Decided Friday

    A triple x domain for x-rate content. Fate of .xxx Porn Domain to Be Decided Friday : Read more
  56. Marcus Yam

    China Restricting People From Registering Domains

    No GoDaddy deals for China, it seems. China Restricting People From Registering Domains : Read more
  57. S

    Filter and Extract text from a document

    Hello, I got a problem with extracting specific phrases withing a long list of rows. Here is an example of 6 rows of my long document: We sell big and small blue widgets at Our website is We sell many kinds of widgets. Go to...
  58. JMcEntegart

    ICANN Approves International Domain Names

    ICANN has approved international web addresses, meaning anyone with the desire to register a domain name containing non-Latin characters will soon be able to do just that. ICANN Approves International Domain Names : Read more
  59. T

    Quickly "Virus Scan" multiple machines in a domain

    Hey guys, I want to build a laptop with windows XP that can join a domain and scan all the computers in the domain (within the same subnet) for viruses without leaving traces (Agents, Software, Services, etc) Can anyone recommand a software that can do that quickly? At the moment I am using...
  60. G

    Systemax Buys Circuit City Name, Domains

    Reports are coming in that Systemax, the company behind Tiger Direct and CompUSA, has bought all trademarks and domains related to the now defunct Circuit City retail chain. Systemax Buys Circuit City Name, Domains : Read more