Is there a free email forward service I can use my own domain with?


Apr 14, 2015
I've been looking but maybe I'm searching from the wrong terms, all I can come up with are email forwarding services that give you a free email address under there domain. Or perhaps such a service doesn't exist?

My domain provider which also does hosting used to offer the service free with the domains you bought off them but a couple of years ago they randomly decided they were discontinuing that service and forcing anyone using to buy hosting off them, which backfired on them in my case since I went and bought hosting off a different provider entirely that were quite a bit cheaper (but they don't sell domains).

Only thing is I don't use th ehosting, and it's pretty expensive to be paying for hosting I'm only using for one email account and several forwarders from my domains. I just wondered if a service existed at least that I could point my domain's name servers to and set up email forwarding to, say my gmail account?