How to connect a MacBook, a PC, and one headset with microphone

Feb 22, 2018

I have the following hardware:

  • - MacBook Pro Mid 2015 with one 3.5mm audio port (mic, ground, right, left)
    - Mic/Headphones splitter
    - Plantronics headset with 2 3.5mm audio jacks (both stereo)
    - 2 stereo 3.5mm audio jack cables
    - PC with 5 3.5mm audio ports (each works independently and can be assigned a function when a cable is connected)
Connected like this:

  • - MacBook to Splitter
    - Splitter Headphones port to 3.5mm audio cable to PC Line In port
    - Splitter Mic port to 3.5mm audio cable to PC Line Out A port
    - Headset Headphones jack to PC Line Out B port
    - Headset Mic jack to PC Mic In port
So far I have managed to get the Headphones and Mic working on PC and audio from MacBook coming out via PC to Headphones. But I can't make the mic sound to go through the PC to the MacBook.

If I plug in the mic directly to the MacBook, in the Input settings I see the buit-in mic turn into "headset mic". But when the PC line out is connected to the mic port, the MacBook doesn't detect an input and switches to built-in mic.

I need to make the mic audio from PC reach the MacBook.

Feb 22, 2018

Yes. I wanted to avoid buying additional gadgets/hardware. I had seen something like this: for $15 approx. I know it's cheap but I want to figure out if it is possible to use what I already have.

Thanks for your message :)

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