How to connect additional subwoofer to my pc which has 2.1 speakers?


Oct 29, 2013
I have 2.1 creative a355 speaker. which doesnt have good bass its not so deep though the sound clarity is good. So how can I get more bass? will I have to buy whole set of new speakers? or I can buy a cheap car subwoofer and use it with my existing speakers?
That system has stereo inputs so if your PC has a subwoofer output you would leave the system connected to the front green output and add a subwoofer to the orange audio jack and set the PC for 2,1.
You will still get some bass from the woofer on the Creative speakers but could augment it with any powered subwoofer. Since car stereo is for small volumes of space (which is much smaller than any room) a self powered home subwoofer would be better.