How to Connect PC to Active Speaker?! Rep+ for ALL replies!


Nov 7, 2012
Hey everyone, any useful reply i get will be rewarded with rep+!

Okay, so i've got a Behringer B212D Active speaker, it has two inputs - XLR & 6.35mm.

I have a laptop i want to connect to it, so i figured i would go out and i bought a 3.5mm to 6.35mm cable. I've connected it all up and it sounds awful, theres no bass and the song fluctuates between highs and lows and doesn't sound right at all.

What do i do? I've looked on the internet for a solution and found that maybey its a problem because the 3.5mm connection is unbalanced and the 6.35mm input for the speaker should be receiving a balanced signal?

I've been recommended that i buy an Audio Interface or a DJ Mixer but these are like £60+ and surely this can't be the only option?!

When i connected my radio to the active speaker via RCA to 6.35mm cable this worked fine?

Any ideas much much appreciated & rep+ to all! thanks!

P.S. Why does the Behringer speaker not have an RCA input? Surely this is an essential input?


Reading up on these speakers, it has a sound processor built in, so it seems that is the problem, If you notice on the back of these speakers you will see adjustments you can make on level, highs and lows.

If you are using this for DJing and etc a mixer board would help anyways.
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