how to determine what is shorted: LCD converter or motherboard partially shorted?


Oct 22, 2016

I was re-assembling my laptop asus n550jv after upgrading its wland card and when i was closing the case i noticed the lcd cable was not properly connected. The battery was in the case (stupid i know :() and moving it caused a spark.

Now, here are the tests i have carried out:
- when connected to an external monitor the laptop runs perfectly, the lcd panel just doesnt work
- the touchscreen , which is connected to the motherboard via the same cable does work perfectly (even when i am using an external monitor, the laptop registers the touches and i can use the onscreen keyboard on the external display for example).
- without being connected to an external monitor, the laptop runs fine but no image

I was asking whether it would be possible to determine if its the lcd panel or converter that is shorted or if my motherboard lcd flex connector has been damaged (=disaster?).

My guess is that it is the lcd converter that got shorted even if the sparks were on the mobo end of the connection.

Is there anyway to check whether the motherboard detects the lcd panel at all on windows/bios?

Thanks for your time !!!


the screen does not appear to use a converter as it is led back lite not cfl. try reseating the video cable from the motherboard to the screen. check in device manager to see if shows 1 or 2 monitors under "monitors".


Oct 22, 2016

thanks, under device manager I do see 2 monitors. Does that mean that at least the motherboard is ok? However, I tried reseating the video cable 5 or 6 times and it did not solve the issue. I also tried the webcam that also goes through the same connection into the motherboard and it also works flawlessly. Could it be the cable that is damaged? The laptop used to have an issue where the screen would go black and the webcam would stop working at certain angles and both ends of the cable where connected properly.

THe only problem I see with the cable being damaged is that before, when the screen would go black it would still be on (it was just displaying black). Now, the screen doesnt power on at all
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