Solved! How to fix audio in Toshiba Satellite laptop (one day trying fixes)


Nov 8, 2016
Problem: Since driver update with "Iobit driver Booster" Laptop built-in speakers and headphone jack don't work but in the windows sound panel the device shows green waves (sound signal output)

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P50-B-10v (PSPNUE)

OS: Windows 10 home x64 v: 2004

Tried fixes (will edit with the future ones):

-Roll back drivers

-Windows Recovery points (one just before the driver update and other two days ago)

-All checks on volume, default device, silence mode, etc.

-Sound troubleshoot

-Deactivate and activate sound enhancements.

-Device uninstallation

-Driver update with windows

-Manual installation of drivers from the realtek web (2017) and toshiba web(2015)

-Restored the os conserving files

-Clean windows 10 installation

-All the above after clean installation

-Hoping it was a speaker connection problem reinstallation of pcie drivers.

Writing here is my last hope to find a solution. I've been burning time with this problem my whole free day, I am actually desperate.
I know is a bad idea to use 3rd party driver installers, got that at mid-morning. I've searched the web and found people with the same problem but no solution. I've checked thoshiba's web, dynabook web and microsoft audio troubleshoot guide.

Extra info:
Mic does work.
I only have one sound device
Bluetooth earpods didn't work


Jul 7, 2020
That's an impressive list of things you tried. I had a similar problem on an HP laptop and tried pretty much everything you did. I got some improvement by reverting back to earlier sound drivers, but the real fix happened when HP fixed the drivers. You might try installing older drivers (if you can get those from the manufacturer's download but make sure you post this same info on the Toshiba web site. Complaining won't get an immediate fix but may help elevate the problem. Have you tried talking to Toshiba support? You may get lucky!


Jul 7, 2020
One other thought. I've always thought a "clean" windows reinstall replaced all the files on the disk (except partition tables, non-windows partitions, master boot and such) but maybe there is still something nasty residing out there. You might try running a couple of the offline virus scanners. Windows defender has one built in but I know there a couple more available for free. A long shot but who knows. As a really last resort, you can completely erase the drive (including all partitions) and start from scratch. You can save your Windows key using Belarc advisor and download an ISO windows reinstall file from MS. Not for the faint of heart and you will lose any manufacturer recovery files doing this. There are instructions on the web for how to do this. I can't overemphasize that this is a really complex process to undertake. I've done it but am no expert so if you run into snags you will be on your own,
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