how to fix my acer windows 7 laptop when it crashes everytime i try to restore to factory settings


May 25, 2015
I tried to restore my laptop to factory settings after having it a while with a bunch of junk on it from my siblings, after I loaded the restore to factory settings options and it started, halfway through it says "restore failed - error code=0x17 (WIMApplyImage cannot apply image : Data error (cyclic redundancy check).)" how do I fix it?


Yeah, sounds like your hard drive is corrupted. As recommended above, you should look into purchasing a new hard drive.

I had a somewhat similar issue this week with my Lenovo Y470. I simply wanted to do a clean install of Windows 7, but for whatever reason the recovery program (OneKey Recovery) could not access the recovery partition; the hard drive itself is fine though. Since I have a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for my desktop, I decided to use that disk to reinstall Windows 7 using the Microsoft product key located on the underside of my laptop. Before doing a clean install of Win 7 I went to Lenovo's website and downloaded all the Windows 7 64-bit drivers for my Y470.

Assuming you do not have a retail install DVD of Windows 7, you can download a copy of Windows 7 from Microsoft. All you need to do is enter the MS product key that should be located on the underside of your laptop.

Before actually performing a clean install I recommend that you download the Win 7 drivers for you laptop model from Acer's website. They should be saved to a separate partition like your D: Drive or burnt to a DVD disk because all the data on the C: Drive will be deleted when you re-install Win 7.