How to get 5 1 effect in computer with home theater


Dec 22, 2011
I have a home theater of philips with 5.1 surround speaker.Now i am connecting my pc with the home theater with a 3.5 mm stereo jack in home theater's AUXULARRY mode.When i am playing a 5.1 version i am not getting voice sound through my home theater,i am just listening the background sound.In the stereo mode i am getting complete sound effect.How will i get complete 5.1 surround sound effect with this system?????
You can't.
You are giving the surround system a STEREO input, that's 2 channels ONLY. There is no surround information in 2 channel audio from the computer.
The surround system may have a "simulated surround" mode. This turns a 2 channel signal into a simulated surround signal, and allows ALL the speakers to work with a 2 channel input. You may or may not have this feature in the surround system.


Dec 26, 2011
Yep, right on with what soundguruman said, its physically impossible to get any more than 2 channels, out of a 2 channel cable. Simulated surround is the best you can do which will activate all your channels from the receiver, and feed them different values to make it "sound" like you have surround. The receiver plays with the frequencies and makes it appear as you have sound coming from all different directions and at different tones. This isn't the truth, as you will never ever hear your special effects sounds as you should....

An explanation of a virtual or simulated surround is simply a soundbar.