How to hook an integrated amp to a AV receiver?

Abhilash D P

Mar 19, 2017
Sir, I have a home theatre set up with marantz ud5007 player as source, a pioneer vsx823 AVR and a 5.1 speaker system with Boston A360 front,Boston A225 centre, Boston A26 rear and Astonia DF10 subwoofer. As I purchased a maranrtz pm6006 integrated amp for dedicated stereo music I need an advice in the way of its incorporation in to the present set up so that I could use the arrangement for either movies or stereo music on demand.Is it possible to connect the amp using a set of new wires to the existing speakers front speakers alone and use it for music or should I relay on speaker splitter? If so kindly mention the name and model.Any other method to solve this remains kindly advice.
Sorry am not salesman so can't be as specific as tell you "buy this particular make/model." I have generic knowledge only.

Basically, I see a speaker selector for your fronts. A simple switch, either manual or via remote.

Then either AV Pre-out (if it has) to Integrated amp. Tape-out, Rec-Out should also work. Or if you always play music from a specific source, hook it up there directly, perhaps with a Y-splitter is needed.
The simplest way is to use one of these
to choose which plays the front speakers.
A standard speaker selector will common ground the speaker outputs of the Marantz and AV receiver which is not good. This one won't do that.
There is another more complicated way.
If your receiver has preamp outputs (you can't use record outs since they won't change in volume) then you connect the front L/R preout to one of the inputs on the Marantz. If not then you would use a speaker to line level converter like this one connected to the front speaker terminals
Connect any two channel sources directly to the Marantz. Connect the Marantz to the BA 360 front speakers.
You will need to re-balance the speakers on the AV receiver with the Marantz volume control set to an easy to remember position since it now affects the volume of the front speakers too.
When you want stereo turn off the AV receiver.
When you want surround sound select the input on the Marantz that you connected to the AV receiver and set the volume control to on the Marantz to your reference position.
Use the AV receiver volume to control the overall volume of all channels and the subwoofer.
The advantage here is that the improved sound of the Marantz will be there on the BA 360 when you do surround sound too.

Abhilash D P

Mar 19, 2017
Thank you very much for your kind and prompt solution. It was very helpful in the area where I was ignorant. Thanks a lot for mentioning the product.

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