How to hook up old Receiver with TV, cable box, DVD player with sound from speakers/receiver


Nov 28, 2016
Have TV with 2xHDMI in and Toslink Audio Out and component/AV in (Samsung UN40H5003).
Cable Box with HDMI , Audio Out Red/White RCA, and digital audio
Blu Ray DVD HDMI out and Digital out Coaxial only.
How would I connect all so audio comes thru speakers/Receiver?
In that case: HDMI cables from box and DVD to the TV.
Audio part will be trickier - your receiver does not have optical / coax, and the TV does not have RCA out.
I would run RCA audio from cable to the receiver, and get digital coax to RCA for the DVD, again to the receiver.
Another option would be to get optical out from the TV and run it to thru a converter to the receiver, but it might not work for all the media.

In short run - time for new AV receiver - everything plugs into receiver, and from there to the TV (video only). You don't need anything fancy, though.
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