How to make surround sound work with VIZIO TV,Samsung Home Theater and XBoxOne ?


Sep 1, 2015
hello guys. I am new to this so please pardon my ignorance. This weekend, i purchased following items:
1) VIZIO - 60" LED 1080p -Smart - HDTV
2) Samsung HT-H5500W 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System
3) XBOX One!
I also have Time Warner HDTV (no DVR) cable box at my place.
Installation: So I plugged in HDMI cable from Time warner box's HDMI OUT to Xbox's HDMI IN. I then used another HDMI cable from XBox's HDMI out to TV's HDMI IN. There is this third HDMI cable running from Samsung HT-H5500W Out to TV's HDMI IN (2nd port)
For Audio, I have optical S/PDIF cable running from XBOX "optical out" to Samsung HT-H5500W's "optical In"
But when i play anything on TV or XBOX ONE (Netflix/you-tube) or Samsung HT-H5500W (bluetooth stream), I am not able to get 5.1 surround sound.
I have used following setting on XBOX Audio output: From Home, go to settings” or select the Settings tile from My games & apps. Select TV & OneGuide. Select Audio & video. Under Audio, select Surround sound.
Out of Optical audio options, which one is recommended for 5.1 surround sound? I have tried them all but still unable to get surround sound from set-up while playing TV/XBOX/Bluetooth steam.
Off Stereo uncompressed Bitstream out Bitstream format
DTS Digital Surround Dolby Digital


Sep 1, 2015

Sorry but Samsung does not have HDMI inputs.
Its audio receiver and only has HDMI output.
It does have Optical and RCA inputs.

I was reading the description Amazon page, sorry about that.
5.1 Ch 3D Smart BD, Built-in Wifi, Web Browser, and Wireless Rear Channels Home Theater System.5.1 Ch 3D Smart BD, Built-in Wifi, Web Browser, and Wireless Rear Channels Home Theater System.Connection: Anyent+ (HDMI-CEC), ARC (Audio Return Channel), USB Host 2.0, Wi-Fi Direct, Composite Output, 2x HDMI Input, 1 Audio Input, 1 Optical Input, 1 Coaxial Input and Wireless LAN.Dimension: Disc Player: 16.93 x 2.17 x 10.07 Inches, Front: 3.54 x 8.17 x 2.7 Inches, Surround: 3.54 x 5.57 x 2.7 Inches, Center: 14.17 x 2.93 x 2.7 Inches and Subwoofer: 6.61 x 13.78 x 11.22 Inches.


Sep 8, 2015
You had everything hooked up right, so I'm guessing you just need to set your surround sound to the Digital In function when you want to get surround sound on your Xbox and cable box.
Your HTS has ARC (audio return channel) and since your TV is new it should too,
Connect the HTS to the HDMI input labeled ARC and turn this feature on in the TV and maybe HTS menus. Check that you can set the TV audio out to surround mode.
You can connect the cable box and Xbox separately to the TV via HDMI or leave the cable box connected to the Xbox if you want the Xbox to consolidate your cable and internet channels into one gui.


Dec 25, 2015

With no inputs in the htib you are running the best you can. My advice is exchange for the 6500 ;) or get away from the Samsung and get the yamaha htib. You would lose the Blu-ray but be in a much better situation. Just advice from a friendly bby worker.
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