How to reduce in-game lag on laptop?


Sep 3, 2017
Playing PC video game (PUBG) and laptop is constantly lagging in-game. Trying to figure out why and what I can do to fix it. CPU usage jumps to 100% in game and memory hovers around 95%. I have an MSI laptop with an i5-7300HQ processor with 8gb memory and a Geoforce GTX 1050 gphx card.



Jun 10, 2017
Rule 1: Laptops must be checked for dust as regularly as possible.

Rule 2: If the laptop fans is running high speeds more than usual then the following are the causes:

A: You dont regularly check the laptop for dust at all therefore before you get pink and green lines on the screens indicating a dying gpu I would do some cleaning.

B: You do not regularly scan your laptop for virus and malware infections and think updating these applications is overkill. So check for virus infections. Use malwarebytes, roguekiller, unhackme 30 days trial and your anti virus. Then do a chkdsk.

C: You are guilty of A and B

While you may have reasonably new laptop considering the gpu you have, and I am not so clued up about laptops gpu these days but if you are one of the guys that seat the laptop on their beds and blankets then expect quicker than usual dust build up.

Furthermore since I have not used a laptop in sometime and before laptops came with a cpu with its own gpu and along either a amd or nvidia gpu I would make sure you are actually playing with your nvidia gpu than your cpu one.