How to set up laptop battery for ssd and hard drive


Jul 4, 2015
I own a asus N550JK, I bought a crucial mx200 (500GB) a few days ago and have it as os drive, I also have my program and games installed in the drive. I removed the dvd drive of my laptop and replaced it with a 1TB HGST 5400 RPM. I would like to if there is anything (set up)I can do that will increase battery life for use of the laptop outdoor if it is not connected to the AC power supply. I have Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) installed in the laptop


To minimize power usage outdoors, put a very thick blanket over yourself and the laptop and dim the screen. Screen brightness uses much more power than yous storage subsystem. From a storage perspective, minimize access to the HDD. Anything that causes the motor in the HDD to spin uses much more power than the SSD. With a 500GB SSD, you should be able to most applications on the SSD.