How to solve computer lag.


Sep 29, 2016
I have been playing games on my brand new gaming laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming edition) and everything was good for a while, but recently I've been experiencing some video lag.

I usually play League of Legends and everything works fine, but I seem to have video lag(my ping is 53, so it isn't internet lag). Every time I click or press any keys, it was a delay of about .5 secs. The same thing happens when I play CS:GO when I try to move, I have the same delay and it is driving me insane! Also, I only have this type of lag when im playing games. I have no idea what is happening to it, but it is brand new. Maybe it's some hidden settings that I somehow changed, but I need help ASAP

I have recently discovered that the lag isnt only happening in games, it happens everywhere. I tested it by playing a video on youtube, and there is a delay when i click anywhere. I seem to be doomed u_u
If this is a brand new laptop, you should be talking with the place of purchase or the manufacturer about why it is giving you problems. It shouldn't and it will be under warranty.