HP Envy 13-d100nx fan makes buzzy noise + overheating


Mar 24, 2017
I have new HP Envy 13-d100nx (I5-6200 8GB RAM) and after clean Windows 10 installation and BIOS update I started to hear relatively loud fan noise (even on idle). I don't know if the problem would exist on a preinstalled system (I wanted to change it asap). During BIOS update the fans were on full throttle. Additionaly, the right fan makes some kind of buzzy noise (maybe due to friction in bearings or between blades and cover). You can here it by yourself in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1_7VQ-A7Xs

Here are the things I've done to mitigate the problem:

  • ■ BIOS update
    ■ disabling the "Always on fan" option in BIOS
    ■ drivers update via HP assistant software (even though Windows installed most of them on its own)
    ■ blowing some air through the vents
What I think I should do but if you have any other suggestions, then please share them with me.

  • ■ open bottom cover and clean fans
    ■ change thermal paste on the CPU
I am worried about loss of warranty after opening the bottom cover, so next week I'm going to contact the supplier, but I really don't want to send it and wait weeks for cleaning of the fans.
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