Question HP envy dv6 Graphics

May 24, 2020
hello. im using an hp envy dv6 7216tx . while i was rendering some video the system suddenly turned off, and im unable to get it run

  1. The cpu fan and hard disk are running.
  2. I'm not getting any display. not with hdmi nor vga
  3. the gpu is busted.
  4. Can i switch the laptop display from gt630m to intel hd graphics 4000
  5. can i use a egpu?


This is a common issue with your model.

If you can manage to get the screen working, maybe with an external monitor then yes you can disable the nvidia card. eGPU is a hit or miss, it works with some laptop models but not with all of them. You would need to find specifics from the hardware vendor if they have information on compatability.
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