HP laptop powered off suddenly; will not turn back on


Feb 22, 2013
My lil bro was using his HP Envy laptop for what he said was about 6-8 hours straight.

It was plugged into the wall, with a standard AC adapter.

He was in the middle of something when it suddenly shut off.
I wasn't there when it happened, but he said there was no popping noise, no burnt smell.

I tried unplugging it, using another adapter, removing the battery and putting it back it. Running on AC power only, and holding down the power button for 30secs-1min.

Laptop shows zero signs of life. Screen doesn't turn on, keyboard doesn't light up, fans don't spin up. Nothing.

Also, the charging light doesn't glow when the AC power in connected. It's like the laptop has never been on before.

What could the issue here be? I would like to avoid geek squad because from experience they didn't fix the problem, and still took $$$.

I'm no expert, but I may be able to fix it myself if I knew what the problem was. I don't know anything about soldering transistors, but if I need to do so I will learn.

Any ideas?



No way to know if you can fix it and laptop motherboards are not very easy to work on. Open it and see if you can see some obvious damage.


Feb 22, 2013

Any ideas on what could be the issue in the mobo?
Do you think it can be fixed by replacing 1 or 2 transistors?

Or is it likely to be the ENTIRE mobo that needs replacement?
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