HP Pavilion 17-E016dx CPU temp shows 70 to 90 Celsius at idle.


Dec 27, 2014
So I bought a used hp pavilion 17 for my wife so she finally as her own laptop. It works ok other than the cpu temperature showing that its 70 Celsius at idle. I don't think it is actually running that hot though. The first thing I thought was the fan wasn't running but I could feel air blowing out the side, so I put my ear to it and I could hear it running. The next thing I did was pull it apart clean the fan and heatsink; while I was in there I cleaned and reapplied the thermal compound on the cpu. I put it all back together and I'm getting the same temps. 70 c at idle and 90 to 100 or more under load. I can feel the air coming out of the heatsink is not very warm so I don't think it is really that hot.

What I have done so far:
1. Cleaned the fan and heatsink.
2. Updated all the drivers from HP including the BIOS.
3. Searched google for hours but only found answers like clean the heatsink and fan or use a laptop cooler(unacceptable answer in my opinion)
4. Checked reading with multiple utilities: speccy, cpuid-HWMonitor, HWINFO64, and speedfan.

What else could cause it to read that high? Temperature sensor bad? Drivers, or software? I'm trying to figure out where to go from here. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

The specs are as follows:
HP Paavilion 17-E016dx
AMD A8-5550m quad core APU
Windows 8.1


Mar 8, 2011
Hi Jlsmith3103,

Here is a very informative HP link about heat issues.. I suggest taking a minute to review the page, even though you have done some good basic troubleshooting.



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