HP Probook series for gaming


Jan 7, 2014
Hello guys,

I have really big problem thats "eating" me. I don't know what to do in this situation. Mainly, I wanted notebook because I can move it easier than desktop PC. But then I hit the wall. Whoever I asked, will notebook ( HP Probook 470-will write spec. down) be good for mostly gaming, they kept me telling that I should get desktop PC, because it doesn't overheat, it will last longer etc. That made me angry, so I didn't even want to buy neither desktop PC or notebook.
So, now I need your help.

Specifications :

17" 16:9 balcklit HD screen
AMD Radeon HD8750m
8gb Ram
i5 3230m
750 GB HDD

I dont need max settings in every game, medium to high is enough. Will this notebook overheat im modern games like BF 3,, NFS, Crysis...Also im planning to buy Thermaltake Massive 23 GT cooler.
Tell me, this or desktop PC :/

Than you.



Dec 4, 2013
This laptop will be able to play NFS, BF3 and Crysis. However, do not expect good fps even at Medium in some cases. I was in the same dilemma as yours, but I decided to go for a gaming desktop. The best option for you is that you build a gaming PC and then buy a cheap laptop/netbook. If you're adamant on getting a laptop, the specs seem fair and it will be able to play your desired games at at least Low. If you plan on getting the Thermaltake, mobility will suffer as it won't be convenient for you to take it to everyplace you go. If you don't travel every other day, then I'd definitely suggest going for a desktop. If your budget is say $1000, I'd say going for a $600 gaming PC and then buying a $400 laptop. Hope this helped :)


Sep 9, 2009
Avoid buying HP/Compaq as they often have board issues that are next to impossible to fix and build issues. Almost anything is better but don't buy plastic crap that everyone else is having problems with.
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