HTC touch pro


Mar 26, 2010
I bought a phone few a Cell phone dealer and was informed later from sprint that the phone I bought was set up on another account! I contacted the previous owner and he basically just wanted his 8gig MicroSD card but agreed to give the phone for the card. I wouldve given it back but he has a new replacement and wasnt worried bout it as much as his info on disk. He mentioned that he had a plan and that the phone was on the term of the contract. I'm just mad that I got the short end of the stick!! I spoke with a guy from Sprint and he told me how to unlock the phone and then how to master reset it. Im no Geek Squad type and just want to add the phone to my account or just get rid of it. What can I do? What question do I need to ask someone?
Even though it was a good deal, you have to watch who you buy cell phones from. They may be more expensive, but your best bet is to simply buy them from the store or a reputable ebay seller (I've had luck with that in the past). Depending on how much you paid, I'd probably just get rid of it and save yourself the headache of trying to get it activated on sprint's network.