I’m selling my PSVR 2 after just five months — here’s why

Jul 8, 2023
If I had a vr unit, I'd make sure to connect a streaming broadcast with it - like with twitch. Then, I'd play Thumper, REZ Infinite, and/or Beatsaber - record those runs. With those terms, it's no longer a luxury - it's an S.O.S. - that that circuit is alive and continued for at least another instance further. You'd set the example for others to follow that aim. I'd say that'd be worthwhile.

I don't have a vr unit however yet lol. I'm only a grad school student and a purchase like that would have my investors accuse me of embezzlement. When I graduate and enter into my next phase, I will definitely adopt VR - perhaps it will be the valve index 2 instead, at that point.