I am not able to do a factory reset on my tablet at all.

Oct 6, 2018
I am not able to do a factory reset on my tablet at all. It will reboot but goes right into the start window asking for normal password which is fine I can get in. The reason I am doing a factory reset is because windows keep popping up saying “unfortunately Google play services stopped.” I press okay then pops up again. Then "Unfortunately, the process.com.google.process.gapps has stopped" pops up right after. I press okay and back to first pop up and keeps doing this. It interferes with the screen and cannot even turn off wifi.
Please help ugh!!

Saga Lout

Olde English
Tap the Apps Square and go to Settings>More>Application Data and find Google Service in the list. Clear the Caché then if there's a message button saying Uninstall updates. Tap that and leave the Settings to see if it helped.

If it still fails, go back in and this time, delete Clear Data and restart the device. Don;t tap on Force Stop or Uninstall - it makes things worse. Google wll still be able to go online to download what it needs to heal itself.
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