i am using acer laptop & i am facing problem in number key pad when i press 5 out put is -5 & when i press 2 outpu


Apr 13, 2016
hello ..... i am using acer laptop & i am facing problem in number key pad when i press 5 out put is -5 & when i press 2 output also when i press 9 Out Put is O kindly solve this

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to uninstall/reinstall the keyboard driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard driver.
- Reboot the laptop once the driver has been uninstalled and it should reinstall the driver automatically.
- After the reboot do test it again and see if the same problem will persist or not.
- If it will still not work do try changing the keyboard language and settings.

Here's how to change or add keyboard language on your PC.
Windows 10: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ph/windows-10/how-to-add-an-input-language-to-your-pc#v1h=tab01
Windows 7: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ph/windows/change-keyboard-layout#1TC=windows-7

- If changing keyboard layouts will not work, connect an external USB keyboard and see if it will work normally or not.
- Do run System Restore if an external USB keyboard will work normally. Restore the laptop back to an earlier date or time before the problem even happened.
- If System Restore will still not work you'll need to reinstall Windows.
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