i cannot hook my Roku 2 up to my Mitsubishi TV. i have Time Warner Cable. I want to watch Netflix? i'm not an idiot but i've


Apr 18, 2015
i have a new MacBook Pro 2015 i have a Roku 2. i have a HDTV Mitsubishi. I have Time Warner. I want to watch Netflix. I can watch Netflix on my computer but i want to watch on my TV. Can't i just take a double ended MSB cable , stick one end in my computer and the other in my tv???


Your tv will need an input port compatible with the output port of your laptop.
ie - if your laptop has an hdmi port then your tv will need an hdmi or dvi input (hdmi preferred as dvi may not transfer the audio)
if your laptop has vga output then yout tv will need to have a vga and audio input jacks (vga does not transfer any audio normally)