I can't launch a lot of games when I use my discrete GPU


Jan 4, 2018
I have a Windows 10 laptop with a R5 M430 discrete GPU and normal R5 Graphics for power saving. Until last month I had no problems with playing games on it but then after either a windows update or a driver update (17.12.1 Adrenaline) I couldn't launch a lot of the games anymore. It just shows a crash notice or the usual "program has stopped launching". Affected are Battlefield 4, Overwatch, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Hand Simulator, Watch Dogs, Black Ops 2 and probably a lot more. Some games still work however like for example Garry's Mod, CSGO, Skyrim or Modern Warfare 2. I can launch the not working games however when I set the GPU to power saving for them in the Radeon switchable graphics settings. That is not a solution though as I get really low fps when I only use the Integrated GPU. Does anyone have an idea what I should do? I already tried a clean uninstall of the gpu drivers using DDU and rolling back to a previous driver version however that didn't work.
Hand Simulator was the only game that created a crashlog and it says
aticfx64.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module aticfx64.dll at 0033:1a098f6f.
Does anyone know how to resolve the issue? I'm thankful for every answer I can get.