I could not get into windows. I installed a new version and now I cannot connect to the internet. I have not network adapter t


Nov 15, 2011
I need to find a way to connect to the internet so I can download the drivers for my Toshiba A665 s6050. I have download everything I can find to a flash drive, but when I go to install it, it will not install without connections to the internet. Is there any way to download the drivers I need, then go to my Toshiba and install them on it without connecting to the internet?
All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Phillip Corcoran

Here's what to do:

Buy a pen drive (1 GB will be enough).

Get on a PC which has internet access.

Go to the Toshiba website and find the drivers page for your model.

Download the "Chipset" driver and the "Network" driver packages (wired and wireless) and copy them to the pen drive.

Now take the pen drive to your laptop and plug it in.

Install Chipset driver first, then the network drivers.
Restart Windows & establish an internet connection.
Download the rest of your drivers.
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