I don't know nothing about them point and shoots


Apr 6, 2010
I work in an electronic pawn shop. People come to us to "recycle" used electronics, everything from phones, video game consoles, and cameras. We have a pretty good collections of DSLR's and point and shoots. Of course we have the cheapo crappy Double A battery kind, but we also have the higher end ones.

Point of this story is that my girlfriend and I are going to an Anime convention in New York. We are we are really excited and we want to take a lot of pictures. Now, my parents have a...somewhat decent camera...but I REALLY hate it. I believe it is 10.1 MP, but it takes FOREVER to develop them. So, when I take the pic I have to wait almost a full minute for it to show up on the screen...GAHHHHH!!!! *rips hair out*, no way to take a bunch of pics at a con.

In my store, employees can "rent" electronics for a week and return it for the full money back. I figure I could rent a camera and then return it after the Con. My question is...what do I need to look for? I am aware that MP don't really mean anything as far as consumers go, but I do want to stay in the 10-12 MP range. I want to be able to take a lot of photos really quick (cosplayers only hold their pose for like... a few seconds), and then also it develop quickly too, so I can show them off. I also wouldn't mind..but I am not requiring HD video...but it would be cool but if it costs like 3-400 its not worth it.

What series are really good? There is no point in suggesting a specific camera because I doubt we have it, but we might have a model in that series. Any suggestions? Yes I know I have been vague, but I am new to this.


Jul 1, 2010
Since you're thinking about renting them and return maybe you should just try different camera there and see what work best for you. You have the advantage of playing with the camera before taking them with you =)

Maybe one thing to consider. Get one with IS (image stabilization) so the image will come out clean even if you hand shakes.

A little off topic: Did you go to Sakura Matsuri 2010 - Brooklyn Botanic Garden? It was really nice =) with lots of cosplay. (Assuming you're not in NY)
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