I dropped my Galaxy S3 and it cracked. It started malfunctioning a few hours later.


Sep 24, 2014
I dropped it on the pavement and it cracked from top to bottom, but it didn't cause all that much damage to the screen itself. It worked for a few hours after that. As the few hours went on, horizontal lines started appearing across the screen as I would press. It got worse and worse up until the screen went black all together. It was still on though. My first instinct was to take out the battery and let it sit a few minutes before trying again. Once I did, I turned it on, and It seemed to be working fine. Then a few minutes later it went black again. So, I tried taking the battery out again. This time, as I turned it on, the whole screen itself worked for a second, then moments later it wouldn't. It was basically flashing. It still turns on, and partially works occasionally, but it is definitely not going to last much longer. What is wrong with it? How could it be fixed? Where could it be fixed? and How much would it cost to get fixed?