I had forgotten my PIN and therefore my phone gets locked.Now my Nokia phone asks for PUK code.I have entered incorrect code s

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Arya Krishnan S

Feb 1, 2014
First I put a security code to my phone.as it is nokia,when they ask code,i gave 12345.and then they ask me the new security code.then i gave 19714153 as the new one.then no changes have occured to my phone.and then i switched off my phone.when I on it,I went to security again and i gave the pin code.i donot know anything about these and I gave the same digits of security code in the same order.then suddenly my phone gets switched off and when I switch on it asks for PUK code.I do not know it.I attempt many times entering the incorrect code,as i donot know about this.what can i do?please give me sufficient response
You can ask your provider for assistance. Why come to an internet forum when you can simply call your provider and ask them what is going on.
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