I have a canon Ixus 132 but for some reason on some pictures when I review the picture it says unidentified image. Why is it d

FAQ: [Unidentified Image] message is displayed, and the image will not play back.


Errors in image playback may occur as a result of the following problems.

・Image format is unsupported
・Image data is corrupt
・Image was edited or renamed on a computer
・Image was shot with another camera
・Image was written back to the camera without using CameraWindow*

* CameraWindow is software used to import images and change camera settings. You can install CameraWindow from the bundled CD, or by downloading it from the Canon website.
Source: http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/Consumer_Products/products/cameras/Digital_Compact/Digital_IXUS_series/IXUS_132.aspx?faqtcmuri=tcm:13-1020625&page=1&type=faq

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