I have a surround system on my Samsung tv. I plugged a fire tv into my tv, and only sound from the channel the tv is on came

Aug 4, 2018
Flat screen, seperate receiver for surround sound, Fire tv stick plugged into tv, only the channel the tv is on come through audio
Aug 4, 2018
Sound comes through, but its the tv channel. No audio through the fire tv. I have a receiver, where my surround sound comes from. I read that I should connect the fire tv there, not hmdi port on the tv. What says you?


Feb 19, 2016
Connect Fire TV output HDMI to your surround reciever (Ex: HDMI 1 Input) then connect the reciever output to your TV. Then go to your Amazon Fire TV settings, under Display and Sound settings, check Dolby Digital Plus Automatic instead Default.
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