I have an old hitachi stereo pre amplifier tuner HPT-120AV and a hitachi stereo power amplifier HMA-120AV with Bose 10.2 all 2

Don't use the post title to put your question, as it was truncated.

What is the model of your "newer tv"? What audio outputs dies it have?
What is "Bose 10.2"?

Just connect that oudio output to your amp, using appropriate cable. Start with turning the TV volume all the way down.


Nov 13, 2015
those Bose 10.2 's are good floor standing speakers.
you should be able to run a pair of RCA style cables from the back of the tv where it says
audio out to an AUX or tape input on your Hitachi preamp (don't use phono input)
if your tv doesn't have audio out jacks then you could use the headphone output on the
tv if it has one and run that to the same input on the Hitachi
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