I have the same error message also I have tried two different hard drives I'm also using recovery disk. What else can I do to


Oct 2, 2016
I accidentally bang my computer which knocked out my hard drive. So I got a new hdd when I started my recovery I received the error. So I tried an other hdd same issues. Unsure where to go from here.



"the error"
What, error, specifically?

'Recovery', with what?

Shaun o

If you are using a windows recovery dvd, or disk that came with the computer presuming it was a pre built system by for example Dell, or HP.

The reason why you get an error is because the recovery disk, or dvd runs it`s setup.
Once it is running it looks for a system recovery image that would of been made on the old hard disk drive of the system that was originally connected to the system.

The recovery Image is normally a hidden or created partition that was created on the original drive.
Where it contains all of the files to do a factory re install of whatever version of windows os installed on the system.

If the old hard drive still works in anyway, and you have not thrown it out.
It needs to be connected to the computer or system you have.
Along with the new hard disk drive you bought.

If you then use the recovery disk or dvd disk that came with the system.
Once setup is launched or auto run, booted from the recovery dvd.
it will see the recovery partition made on the original hard drive, and windows install and setup will start without any error messages.

The error messages are basically because it cannot find the location or partition where the recovery dvd is telling it to look due to you not connecting the original drive, running it along side the new HD you bought.
You should then be able to select the New hard drive as the destination drive to install windows to.
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