I keep losing internet connection (wifi & 4G) on my T-Mobile phone???


Dec 30, 2013
I keep losing internet connection on my T-Mobile Galaxy 4S. It is fine on my daughter's iPad & iPhone but not my phone. I have contacted Comcast and T-Mobile and neither one of them can help. They said I have done everything I need to and have everything set up right. MY neighbors only get connection if they have wifi as well, not just with regular 4G service due to the location of my house. PLEASE help and it is so frustrating to not have wifi connection. I can always use my desktop or my daughter's iPad but all my info and apps are on my phone. There has to be something wrong with the set up of my phone. I had the Galaxy 2 and now I have the Galaxy 4S and they both are doing the same thing. The message says "finding IP addess" when it cannot connect to my wifi. HELP!!!


Jun 29, 2013
Try restarting your router. If it happened with both phones then the issue is most likely the router itself, but in the event that it is the phones try resetting them. I am not sure how you do this on that model of phone, but for the iPhone you hold down the lock/power button and the home button at the same time until the phone restarts. Try Googling how to do this on your model if you don't know how to.