I need bios files for my laptop motherboard

Ravyar Tahir

Aug 18, 2014
1P-0107J00-8011 i need bios .rom file so I flash it back to my laptop so it turn on again

right now state = dead

when I press power the laptop turn on but no display after 10 minuted the laptop restart again no display n

Hi, how did you come to the conclusion the BIOS is corrupt? Can you go to the BIOS menu?

Ravyar Tahir

Aug 18, 2014
well the problem I have right now I am living in iraq there is no sony or any other official services available here , my cousin laptop have a problem with gpu, but the problem was the service we have here they couldnt find out it was gpu so they flash wrong bios file via bios programmer device , now with a bga station I managed to rework gpu the laptop start running but no display at all after 10 minute working the laptop will restart and I can't flash the file from sony website I don't think its %100 bios its partical update
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Laptop motherboard bios bin file