I need helping finding the cable I need.

Apr 14, 2018
Hello. I have a set of go groove bass pulse speakers. These speakers have LED lights in them and light up when plugged into the 3.5 mm aux port on the subwoofer. I recently acquired another pair of satellite speakers and wanted to plug them into an aux splitter so I could have a four speaker set up. However what I realized is that when I use the aux splitter none of the speakers light up, like they do when plugged directly into the subwoofer. So I need an aux splitter that also splits power if that makes sense.
Is the plug that goes into the back of the sub from the satellites three (standard stereo) or four conductor (like a headphone/mic plug)?
You will need the correct type of splitter and the power supply for the lights in the sub has to be able to run twice the number of lights.
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