I need someone to reccomend me an MP3 player


Dec 31, 2001
hey, i've just recently been looking into mp3 players and decided i want one, i'm looking for a few qualitis:

Basically i want the cheapest one with expandable memory (via flash cards). i was looking at the rio 300 and thinking about buying one off ebay, but if there are any other good cheap ones that fill teh above description i would very much appriciate any input, thanx.


I only have one word for you


This is the best MP3 player I have seen bar none.

Uses CF cards--NOT Smartass media or MMC cards. (I like this because I have a Canon G2 that uses Compat Flash cards.)

Uses AA batteries Not AAA. (15+ hours)

Has no built in memory so it is cheap. (US $100 to $110)
Can use up to 512MB CF cards and IBM Microdrive (1GB!!!)

Sound quality is on the good side, but is not the best I've heard. (I'm a picky SOB and I'm happy with it.)

I have 256MB card in mine and it takes about 15min to move 4 to 5 CD's worth of music to the player.

When you plug the player into your computer through the USB port the player comes up as a removable hard drive in Windows Explorer. With out any SDMI or what ever you call it you can move MP3's on and off the machine. (Great Feature)

Go hear to find out more.