Need a segregated system to replace my all in one unit and cables


Dec 31, 2016
I live in Europe. So basically I have this old Samsung HT-E5550 home theater system. I have never been happy with the quality of sound. It was a cheap all in one system made in 2004. So the USB won’t take 1TB external drives, the blu-ray player is half broke and doesn’t work. It’s finished. This is my second home cinema system and I want to go for a segregated system where if the blu-ray player is finished, I don’t have to get rid of the receiver with it too. I don’t want to get Samsung again either.

I don’t mind getting another brand but I have a Yamaha CD-S300 and I am thinking about a Yamaha receiver like the HTR models.

Here is the back of one

What blu-ray player I choose is also open to suggestion as long as it can handle 1TB Western Digital drives.

I can get a Magnat set of 5 speakers somewhat cheap.

So I take it I can just run my TV to the receiver and the blu-ray to the receiver and my PS4 to the receiver with HDMI. An optical cable from the blu-ray to the receiver. Same for PS4.
That the receiver then goes out to the speakers. What cables do I need here? Have I got this right at all?

If you have any advice or recommendations great. I am not looking to spend a fortune, just a normal amount for a living room that is 6m x 7m^2.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Looks fine.

You don't need optical cables anymore because HDMI it a unified Audio/Video connection.

By any BluRay you like.

I don't understand your 1TB HD. Are you saying you can plug in an HD to your old box and it would play your media directly? Such feature may not be available in the Yamaha, even if it does it, you may have to read the fine prints and find out what format it support and codec. Playing media like this is not recommended, the AV box involved usually is not flexible enough for all codec. Using an old PC, attach HD to it, then attach PC to Receiver with HDMI is the recommended path.

Notice you will need an active, self-powers subwoofer.


Dec 31, 2016

I want to put the USB external hard drive into the Blu-ray player, not the receiver. I think.

What sort of cables do I need for the speakers and that sub-woofer then?

"HD in BlueRay..." I know of no such configuration, unknown to me, so I will have no comment on this particular item.

Cables to speakers... nothing special needed, u can re-purpose current cabling. Connection to new subwoofer a standard RCA signal cable.


Dec 31, 2016

Don't BluRay players have a USB in? I looked at the PDF. Said it can take both FAT32 and NTFS. Also notes what files it can read.

I might not change my speakers just yet. I am thinking about a new blu-ray and the receiver first. Speakers after.
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