Jun 15, 2015
I am mainly going to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at a competetive level.
I am semi pro and want some help with a headset.
I have used hyperx cloud 2 but they fucked up after just 3 months so I am not going to buy a new pair. What do you guys have to recommend to me?

I have the built in sound card from Asus z97-a and I have no idea if that is enough or even qualified as a soundcard.

I don't know which headsets I can buy and which that supports my built in soundcard or whatever so it's kinda hard. Also every headset seems to be bad from what I have read. Except sennheisers.

Anyway. I would like to get a headset that doesn't require a soundcard because I can't afford soundcard and a headset atm and I am really in need of a headset.

Oh btw my budget is about 220 dollars


Jun 21, 2013
Nope, no sourround on the PC 350 mate.

Go for the PC 363D (Wired), and in the future (for extra sound quality), buy a USB DAC or the Sound Blaster Z Sound Card.

Or, if you want to go wireless, Logitech 933 seems like a great option.