i wanta friend to see the movies i want to burn to dvd. he will use his tv's dvd movie player


May 17, 2016
hey! :)

i read a website that told me what dvd movie formats the newer and older tv dvd players can read and play. so i copied this part "mpeg-2, AC-3 or PCM.". the website also sayd that the formats the dvd player can play will usually be on the box and on the dvd player.

i wanted to make some discs for an way older friend. can you please try and tell me what formats i can use that will show THIS on the dvd player on my friends tv --->

1) the menu of the list of episodes he can choose from.

2) the abiliy to navigate through the disc on the dvd player's remote through what i asked for in #1 above.

and i think thats it of the options i need.

and are the formats above that i pasted the correct formats to burn the dvd disc to? if not what are your choices?


May 17, 2016

well i see here the videos would be mpeg-4. what will they be burned as in the software as "regular dvd"? i havent did this in a long time.


^ what he said , its not free software but it's 100% worth the money.
You can squeeze about 6 hours worth on a single later DVD still at very very watchable quality

Menus are very easy to add (pretty much automatic)
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